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7 November 2005


At the Preparatory meeting for fourth ESF in Athens, the anti war network had a meeting. The anti war meeting held in ITU Macka, on 23rd September at 16:15. Tayfun Mater from Global Peace and Justice Coalition of Turkey and Petros Constantinou from Stop the War of Greece moderated the meeting. Erkin Erdoğan from Social Forum of Turkey took the minutes. Around 80 people attended the meeting. Mostly people from turkey attended the meeting also delegates from Greece, Cyprus, Palestine, Spain, Italy, Britain, Morocco and Syria were at the meeting.

The delegates from mothers peace initiative (Baris Anneleri Inisiyatifi), global peace and justice coalition ( Kuresel BAK), No occupation on Iraq Coalition ( Irak’ta Isgale Hayir Koordinasyonu), Greenpeace, International Peoples Struggle League ( Halkların Uluslar arası Mucadele Ligi), Socialist Platform of Repressed (Ezilenlerin Sosyalist Platformu), Idil Cultural Centre (Idil Kultur Merkezi), Human Rights Association (Insan Haklari Dernegi), Global Peace and Justice Coalition of Cebeci (Cebeci BAK), Rights and Freedom Front (Haklar ve Ozgurlukler Cephesi), Cyprus and Greece Stop the War Coalition made speeches. 12 people had speeches.

Petros at the opening speech said that: “the Iraq occupation is still the central issue. The struggle against is continue too. USA and their allies are loosing the war against resistance and they are in front of a new Vietnam. The movement to support Cindy Sheenan shows the anti war movement in USA is growing. On 24th September in USA we are expecting the biggest anti war demos. London, Greece and other countries will have big supporting demos. We are not only discussing the anti imperialism. At the same time we are fighting against it. We should work hard to have Iraqi and anti war speakers at the ESF in Athens”.

The subjects rose at the meeting:

- To have demos all around world on 18th of March as the anniversary of Iraq occupation. With the slogan “end the occupation of Iraq”, and if possible have anti USA military bases campaign.

- Because threat to Iran, there was a suggestion of “no more wars”

- Anti Nuclear arms campaigns should

- The importance of supporting action to USA demos on 24th September

- To support Kurdish struggle

- To continue fight against occupation on Iraq and support

- In Cyprus people from north and south fight against Iraq occupation together. They are organizing demos against British airplane military bases.

- To continue the fight against USA airbases. We should raise our voice against Turkish government.

- Only the poor go to war. Big countries sell the arms. Then make countries to kill each other. We should give enough importance to disarmament.

The proposals for ESF on Athens:

- Anti war should be visible; we should have big meetings at ESF.

- One of the slogan for demo at ESF should be “anti war and occupation”

- With following titles we should have seminars and workshops

1. Shut down USA military bases 2. Support Iraq resistance 3. Iran, no new wars 4. Nuclear disarmament 5. Kurdish problem 6. Cyprus: road to peace 7. against Islam phobia 8. New liberalism & war 9. USA after Katerina 10. Imperialism & EU

Petros Constantinou Stop the War Coalition of Greece Tayfun Mater Global Peace and Justice Coalition of Turkey Erkin Erdoğan Social Forum of Turkey

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