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Tools and contents

[EN] “Memory and tools of the ESF 2003” was developed between 2003 and 2005 by various groups and organizations which lead and/or have already led projects concerning the memory of the social forums.
It aims to allow a wide public to access texts, images and audio recordings concerning the ESF, and to use this memory to prolong the activities of 2003 in a workspace open to everyone to help build new activities and proposals.
Finally, the project attempts to demonstrate that it is possible to build a living memory of the social forums and to try to raise wider awareness of the stakes involved in the collection and the valorization of the content. Thus every actor will be able to benefit from the experience acquired and from ideas that have been widely thought through.

[FR] « Mémoire et outils du FSE 2003 » a été élaboré au cours de la période 2003/2005 par différents groupes et organisations qui mènent et/ou ont déjà mené des projets relatifs à la mémoire des forums sociaux.
Il vise à permettre à un large public d’accéder à des textes, des images et des enregistrements audio relatifs au FSE et à utiliser cette mémoire pour prolonger les activités de 2003 dans un espace de travail ouvert à tous-tes pour aider à construire de nouvelles activités et propositions.
Enfin, le projet s’attache à démontrer qu’il est possible de construire une mémoire vivante des forums sociaux et tenter d’impulser une prise de conscience plus large des enjeux de la collecte et de la valorisation des contenus, qui permettent à chaque acteur de bénéficier de l’expérience acquise et du mûrissement de la réflexion commune.

  ALIS system: audio recordings (en) | fr
(July 2007)

The ALIS group recorded the Assembly of Social Movements as well as some of the seminars held at the Athens forum. The group will also put online the Paris ESF audio recordings. The most recent recordings using the ALIS system are available in the various interpreted languages.

Memoculture (en) | fr
(November 2006)

The construction of this platform ushers in a collective effort on cultural issues, bringing about the association and the development of tools that enable Social Forums’ actors to build a space where the forums’ cultural output can be shared, diffused and reclaimed.

European directories (en) | fr
(November 2006)

* Directory of European organizations and collectives
* Directory of European Networks
* Open knowledge map: Collectives and resources of action research and transformative knowledge.

E-Library on Social Transformation (en) | fr
(November 2006)

Online articles on social transformation.

Forum Pedia (en) | fr
(November 2006)

An open collective writing about the social forums process and from its participants’ point of view. The Wikipedia of the European Social Forum.

Altermundo.info, media photos (en) | fr
(November 2006)

Altermundo produces and publishes daily photographic reports during altermondialist events. Altermundo claims the communic’action concept: the production of information is an activist act. Independent from any organisation, self-managed and composed by volunteers, Altermundo works as a network, establishes links with altermondialist groups and other - alternative media. Images are free for non commercial structures.`

"Casual", for visualizing multimedia content (en) | fr
(June 2007)

A set of web scripts that lead us to the idea of random realities, by creating a panorama of media content on demand. With Casual you can visualise and browse indexed multimedia content.


Etc/groups, a graphical browser for networks (en) | fr
(November 2006)

"Etc/groups" is a web application for the visualisation of big sets of data, mainly aimed at visualising groups and organisations and the links between them.


MapOmatix, a tool for tactical maps (en) | fr
(February 2007)

MapOmatix is a collaborative environment for creating and editing maps. The maps can contain physical elements (oil resources, telecommunications antennae, ...) as well as abstract ones (human organisations, web servers...) and relations between these entities. Behind this tool is the idea of editing and publishing tactical maps.


Area, a treemap multi generator (en) | fr
(November 2006)

AREA is a treemap multi generator, which displays information about entities with a hierarchical relationship. You can browse Area representations, create an Area representation, add your data to be represented with Area.


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