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The Education Network was formed for the 1st ESF in Florence, with unions, associations and students. It prepares the ESF and carries out actions between the ESF, such as the Week for Education, a Charter for Education, a questionnaire, a study of Lisbon strategy ... The Education Network reaffirms the principles of the global platform of struggle adopted by the Charter of the Forum for Education in 2001 and by the Third World Education Forum in 2004 :
- Education is a priority world public good and an inalienable human right that influences people’s lives
- That right is essential for access to other rights, for the construction of values based on solidarity, for the emancipation and the practice of citizenship
- Public policies must ensure the realization of these rights
- the State must garantee, on a universal and free basis, without discrimination or exclusion, the full right to a emancipatory public education, at all levels and in all its modalities from preschool to university.
(FR version)
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  Berlin EPA (en) | fr
(23 February 2008)

On Friday, 22th of February, 16 people from 9 countries have met in Education Network. They have proposed 5 seminars / 5 transversal seminars / 1 thematic assembly for Malmo ESF.
Read the report

AEP Stockholm, sept. 2007, compte-rendu (fr)
(10 February 2008)

A la réunion étaient présents des camarades d’Italie, de Turquie et de France. Se sont excusés des grecs (OLME), des espagnols (FECCOO, STES), des portugais (FENPROF), des anglais. Il faudra veiller à l’élargissement du réseau aux pays hôtes (scandinaves), aux pays de l’Est et faciliter la participation des pays du Sud de l’Europe.

AEP Francfort, mars 2006, compte-rendu (fr)
(9 February 2008)

Après un travail de fusion de 30 séminaires en 8 plus une assemblée de partenaires de l’éducation, voici les séminaires retenus par le réseau, ainsi que la répartition proposée des intervenants (tout ceci sera finalisé à Athènes lors d’un groupe de travail programmé les 1er et 2 avril).

EPA, Istanbul, O9/2005 (Education : a common good) (en) | fr
(5 February 2008)

The network of education met on Friday 23rd September. 40 people were gathered from Turkish, Greek, Italian and French organisations, students and teachers from primary school to university. This network was created during the London ESF. We organised a European week on education last May and we are now actively preparing the ESF of Athens. We are happy with the results of the meeting we had yesterday. We already have many proposals.We are going to work on them on the basis of the Platform for Education in Europe which we have already written for the European week.

EPA Vienna, Jan. 2005, minutes (en) | fr
(3 February 2008)

Nearly forty people from ten trade unions and fourteen associations participated to this meeting. After the discussion we decided that eight seminars in the field of education would take place in the 4th European Social Forum in Athens (4-7 May 2005).
Read the report

Présentation du réseau (fr)
(1 February 2008)
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