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Genoa 2011 final declaration [en]
19 August 2011

GENOA 2011 “They: the crisis – We: the hope” International assembly 24th of July 2011


We, the people who met in the international assembly “They: the crisis – We: the hope”

held in Genoa on the 24th of July 2011, after the previous day’s great demonstration, are committing ourselves to building together the route that will take us to the World Social Forum in 2013, which will be held in the region of Maghreb-Mashrek.

For the first time, movements, social actors, activists and communities worldwide will meet in our common Mediterranean region, as guests of the ‘revolutions of dignity’.

The Forum and its process of construction offer us an extraordinary chance for national and international convergence, to reinforce the power field and the necessary alliances for a real alternative to the global crisis, an alternative based on the radicalisation of democracy and rights, on the rejection of all wars, on a different mode of production, on a different way of living, of consuming and being together, one that can return to sender the devastating recipes against the crisis that the dominant powers are imposing.

We commit to building together two important international dates in Italy: 1. In the next months, an open seminar for the construction of a European public space, a space shaped by all the social actors that are bringing to life the struggles, industrial disputes, alternatives and good practices for a different Europe. 2. In 2012, the tenth anniversary of the European Social Forum of Florence in 2002, a Mediterranean Forum event, a large meeting of all European movements with the actors of the ‘revolutions of dignity’ of the southern shores.

In the next months we will be involved in the following events:
- Mobilization in Nice for the G20 in November 2011 in Cannes
- Forum for climate justice in Durban 28th Nov- 9th Dec 2011 (COP 17)
- International migrant day of action on 18th december 2011
- World Social Forum in solidarity with Palestine in Porto Alegre in 2012
- Rio + 20 People summit for social and environmental justice in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil in June 2012
- The sixth annual World Water Forum in Marseille, France, 12th to 18th March 2012.

The “Italian network towards the WSF” will be a horizontal and shared network, one that can bring together and democratise to the full the international, altermondialist movements relations and ensure the maximum participation of social actors, communities, territories.

The Italian network towards the WSF of Maghreb-Mashrek will meet in Rome on the 4th of September to plan its work. This will also be an occasion to discuss possible convergences for actions at a national level, towards the mobilisations to be held in the autumn of struggle and resistance that we are all getting ready for.

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- Maria & Monica
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