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Our Vision for the Future of Europe [en]
3 January 2004

How will Europe be positioned in the year 2020 and how in 2060? How will we be living in the year 2020 and how in 2060? Lacking a clear and far reaching vision the EU-governments are stumbling from conference to conference. In this manner the EU will not survive the challenges of the upcoming decades! Too many basic problems have been avoided for lack of a profound strategic position.


In our vision we outlined an alternative model for the future of Europe. It contains a clear long range positioning for Europe making a clear choice for the improvement of the quality of life for all and for responsible and peaceful development.

Internally the states of Europe need a different distribution of power between the state and its citizens and a different distribution of power between the different levels of government. Decision making needs to be more decentralised using networking models when the decisions concern larger areas.

Decision making needs to be transparent and free of the manipulative elements of lobbying. The foundation of the future constitution need to be the Basic Rights. The citizens need to become the actual center of power.

Europe needs a higher quality of democracy to master the challenges of the future. A new constitution for Europe is an essential piece to improve the internal organisation and coordination inside the government sector and between the government sector and the citizens.The concentration on the objective of the overall improvement of quality of life will lead to new levels of constructive cooperation.

The idea or objective of a Worldpower Europeae is contrary to the objective of the overall improvement of quality of life. The idea of a Worldpower Europeae needs to be rejected strongly. Military force needs to be reserved for the defense of Europe only Various forms of international agreements need to be concluded and an expanded system of international agreements needs to be created for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. The results and the achievements of international agreements need to be examined on a systematic basis.

All agreements must have escape clauses and must be optimised as is possible. Space Affairs will gain more and more importance as we advance into the 21st Century. Europe must prepare for these developments and must stay open to them. The economic utilisation of outer space will provide great opportunities.

Not only an elite should benefit from these. In the area of the disposal of toxic waste existing problems could be solved in a technologically advanced manner in outer space. Europe could take a worldwide front position in this field offering toxic waste disposal services to other countries on other continents.

As an additional strategic point Europe should focus on the development of methods of intelligent cooperation between the economy and the environment.


There needs to be more discussion and cooperation between the regions in Europe.

To improve the overall quality of life in Europe we need to give an opportunity to people to articulate concretely in which areas of life, with which exact projects, they would like to start this improvement process.

The citizens need to get the political right to start initiatives for political and for practical projects. Initiatives are an important tool. Political information and education are needed so people can exercise their political rights. This will lead to higher political consciousness and interest of the people and show them they can do something about unwanted political and social conditions.

The current unemployment can be reduced significantly by starting large trans-european infrastructure projects.

We need to encourage people to join our work for a better future and we need to set an example of it.

We need to move from a capital driven economy to a consumer driven economy.

The privatisation of public sector services will lead to a partial collapse of these services. People need to become more political and demand participation in decision making in these areas. More direct democracy is needed.

Implementing the alternatives

- More regional social forums will be prepared starting with national social forums in various countries.

- Preparing single point campaigns to give the political right to start initiatives for political and practical projects in more european countries and regions.

- Launch networks that will run campaigns for starting specific trans-european infrastructure projects.

- Include in our political work the function of encouraging other people who are not so brave as to work intensively for a better future. Set an example to them.

- Inform people that setting rules is power, but that setting rules plus execution of decisions is ultimate power.

- Launch campaigns to transfer the power to set the rules to the people and ensure that this power stays reserved to the people.

- The European Referendum Campaign needs to be supported to transfer the power to decide on the future EU-Constitution to the citizens of the EU.

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