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Decisions from Prague EPA [en]
18 June 2005


Decisions from European Preparatory Assembly Prague 20-22 May Greek Organizing Committee Decisions of EPA Prague 20-22 May

1. The 3rd European Preparatory Assembly will take place in Istanbul Turkey 23-24-25 September 2005. On 23/9 networks can arrange for their meetings. Two remarks for the agenda were decided: The agenda of the Istanbul EPA includes a discussion on general political situation to help us best define our priorities for the program of Athens ESF 2006. Also discussion on enlargement will be discussed in the assembly meeting.
Greek language will be one of the 4 -at least- main languages of the 3rd EPA.

2. A meeting will be organized in Paris after the results of the French referendum on constitution on 29th of May. The meeting will be organized on 24-25 June.

3. From the Greek Organizing Committee for Athens 4th ESF , Natasa Theodorakopoulou and Petros Constantinou will participate as observators of the EPA to the meeting of International Council of WSF in Barcelona 20-22 June. In Instanbul EPA the relation between WSF and ESF will be discussed

Decision concerning the program- EPA- Prague- May 2005

1. The consultation received more than 100 answers. However, technical and most probably, conceptual problems obstructed the dynamics of this methodology, even though important information was acquired. In addition, not only is it difficult to conclude priorities (priority axes) from the consultation, but also the proposals that have been made show a big diversity of subjects.

2. The European preparatory assembly in Prague therefore, decided not to finalize the priority axes, but to organize the various subjects proposed in the consultation into themes. These themes constitute neither priority axes, nor the final structures.

14 thematic areas are initially defined. These constitute a working tool, which can be used to make proposals of activities (e.g. seminars), so that collaboration between organizations who share common ground can begin.

The 14 initial thematic areas are:

1. War and peace. Occupation of Iraq, Palestine, militarization of Europe, bases, Kosovo, imperialism in Asia-Latin America -Africa, anti war movement

2. Europe and neo liberal globalization. WTO, international organizations

3. Migrants in Europe

4. Discrimination, racism and the far right

5. Social rights recognized as common goods—public services

6. Flexible working, precarious jobs, poverty and exclusion

7. The state of work, productivity, unemployment and full employment

8. Environment: climate change, sustainable development.

9. Towards which democracy in Europe and which fundamental rights: citizenship, federalism and the place of states, stateless people, European institutions

10. Political economy in Europe: central bank, monetary convergence criteria

11. The right to education, mass media and culture

12. Women’s movement

13. Strategy for the movement from Seattle to today

14. Which way forward for the European union: for which Europe we struggle?

- Cultural artistic performances and expressions

Two spaces were proposed: • “Avenue of movements” and youth space • Women’s assembly

Important notice

The thematic areas do not correspond to titles and they are not in order of importance. They do not define any particular structure (e.g. It is not necessary to have equal number of activities in each thematic area).

3. Concerns to be taken into consideration:

3.1 The thematic areas are neither solid, nor isolated. There has to be a common ground between the various areas, as well as horizontal communication between them needs to be established.

3.2 The possibility that the ESF loses its visibility and orientation by fragmentation into many subjects. Discussion around the priorities is to be continued to avoid this.

3.3 The program should be flexible and not predefined (finalized), so that itself, along with the central axes, can be adjusted as the situation evolves in the coming months.

4. Activities (seminars/workshops/activities/meeting spaces) should not be organized only according to the themes, but must be structured to incorporate three important functions which need to reach a high level in the next forum: • Dialogue and Debate • Development of alternative proposals • Activity and struggle (strategy)

A demand was expressed for the better organization of the above functions, so that they work out and they ensure the overall character deriving from them.

Proposals were also submitted, which are understood in the context of suggesting seminars such as Security policies in Europe etc. The Greek Organizing Committee will facilitate immediately the start of a discussion initially from the existing mailing list and soon through website with the solution of technical problems.

See the Forum presentation to participate to the Consultation Stage 2

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