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Invitation EPA May 20-22 [en] | cs | de | fr
13 April 2005

INVITATION ESF European Preparatory Assembly, May 20-22, 2005 in the New Town Hall of Prague (Praha 1, Mariánské nám. 2)


The assembly is planned for ± 250 participants (living in Europe) who represent national social forums and organisations of the civil society. Local social forums, active grass-roots groups and individuals from all over Europe are also invited. Especially invited are those coming from Central and Eastern Europe, including the Balkan and Caucasus regions.

The working languages are Russian, English, French and Czech.


The participation fee of the assembly is (1 € = 30 CZK)

40 € for organisations from: A, B, CH, CY, D, DK, E, F, FIN, GB, GR, I, IS, IRL, L, M, N, NL, P, S and big ones from RUS (50 € for those coming from distances below 1000 km and using environmentally harmful means: planes or cars)

This is the main resource for the Solidarity Fund that should enable Eastern Europeans and unemployed to come.

10 € for organisations from: AL, ARM, AZ, BG, BH, BY, GE, EE, H, HR, LV, LT, MD, MK, PL, RO, SI, SK, TR, YU, UA and small ones from RUS (20 € for those coming from distances below 1000 km and using environmentally harmful means: planes or cars)

This fee includes one delegate per organisation. Extra delegates and individuals will be charged:
10 € for participants from: A, B, CH, CY, D, DK, E, F, FIN, GB, GR, I, IS, IRL, L, M, N, NL, P, S
0 € for participants from: AL, ARM, AZ, BG, BH, BY, GE, EE, H, HR, LV, LT, MD, MK, PL, RO, RUS, SI, SK, TR, YU, UA

Hotel capacities are already almost fully booked because of the Prague International Marathon (May 22) so it is necessary to pay us in advance at latest on 18 April by a credit card (only Visa, Eurocard and Mastercard). We have booked the following hotels:
- Hotel Twin** (subway station Opatov) – single room 24 €, double 36 €, triple 48 €,
- Hotel Rhea** (subway Strašnická) – double 45 €
- Hotel Golf*** (tram 9) – single 39 €, double 52 €,
- Hotel Step*** (subway Palmovka) – single 70 €, double 95 €

Send us the name of the hotel chosen, dates (possible from 19/05), rooming list with names, number+expiration date of credit card by 18 April. We have booked some beds in youth and tourist hostels (price 350 CZK/night without breakfast). Ask the organizers for that option at latest on 1 May, saying how large group you are.

Solidarity accommodation will be available just for the two nights (20 and 21 April) for free in own sleeping bags on the floor of a school gym (showers and kitchen available).

LUNCHES will be provided by the organizers for low prices (ca 3 € for a menu: soup, main dish, fruit and tea/water) in the venue.

Organizers can contribute to the travel costs up to a maximum of 300 € per person for those in need (unwaged, Eastern Europeans).
For distances under 1000 km only bus or train tickets will be reimbursed by 90 %, flight tickets only by 50 %. Please use all possible reduction (City Star, EuroDomino, RailPlus, youth and group reductions).
For distances over 1000 km flight tickets (low-cost, APEX, economy claoss, youth fares if possible) can be reimbursed. If this creates insurmountable problems for you, please contact the organizers before the EPA. Look for the cheapest and most environmentally friendly possibility to travel. You will be expected to attend the whole meeting and to prove your expenses with an original invoice.

The cost of your visa can be reimbursed by the organizers. If coming from Western Europe please try national solidarity resources.

We would very much appreciate your help.

LOW COST AIRLINES at 30 € – 50 € for an one-way flight ticket from:
- SMART WINGS – Paris, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Dublin, Larnaca, Heraklion, Thessaloniki, SKY EUROPE – Košice,
- FLYGLOBESPAN – Glasgow, INTERSKY – Friedrichshafen,
- STERLING AIR – Copenhagen, Göteborg, Stockholm, Oslo,
- NORWEGIAN – Oslo, Trondheim, SNOWFLAKE – Stockholm,
- FLYBABOO – Geneva, WIZZ AIR – Katowice, Budapest,
- BABY WINGS – East Midlands, GERMANWINGS – Köln/Bonn

Direct flights Czech Airlines at 60 – 130 € for a roundtrip flight from: Amsterdam, Brussels, Birmingham, Edinborough, Göteborg, London Heathrow, Madrid, Oslo, Stuttgart, Riga CHEAP BUS AND TRAIN TICKETS from Central and Eastern Europe.

The assembly will start on Friday 20 May and will end after lunch on Sunday 22 May. If you wish to arrive earlier or stay longer (on your own costs), we can help you arrange your stay.

Local travel: single journey tickets (valid 60-90 min with change) cost 12 CZK, ie. 0.40 €. Night intervals are 15 – 30 min.

We will provide the participants with information about cultural programmes in Prague. We will try to arrange a visit of the music and light show at the Křižík’s Fountain on Saturday evening (for free) and an optional guided walk through the Prague Castle and/or the former Jewish Quarter on Sunday afternoon.

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