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State-debts, euro-crisis: the economic disasters of capitalims and their interpreters - (nearly) a comedy [en]
19 August 2011

by Hermann Dworczak, activist in the Austrian Social Forum


Everyone can see the -in the last years combined- crises of capitalism (here we will speak only about the economic ones): bursting of the estate bubbles , "financial"crises and a massive worldwide decline of the "real"economy up to the actual turbulences of the "statedebt"countries and of the Euro. Though these phenomenons are in each case a specific expression of the crisis of the system they are an intertwinned chain.

The superficial interpreters isolate these elements from each ohter and make them to "unexpected" single events.. The estate bubbles could not be "foreseen", the financial crises and their going over to the real economy was "suprising", the debt crises in european countries (now also in the " centralcountry" Italy) and the USA makes them totally crazy.

But these bundles of crises are not "uncomprehensive" and their combination is no book with 7 seals. To make it shorter- we will deal here only with Europe and the last "horrornews".

The socalled "helping measures" for Greeece are nothing but a further rope around the neck of the hellenes. The economy of the country - under the pressure of the social cuts- is in recession, the spirale is going down - and the investers are vanishing. Italy has enormous statsdebts and it is in the interest of big Zockers to speculate on the recession of the country . The "speculation against Itally" is not the primary thing- as the people who look only to the ups and downs on the stock exchanges try to make believe. Italy was/is in the bredouille ( traditional backwardness of the mezzogiorno, Mafia , the absurd and neoliberal spektacels of Berlusconi,...) and therefore the speculation can function . Marx has wrote alreaday in the 19th century about these interpretation-caprioles of the vulgarian economists who see only the speculation and ignore the processes below.

The Euro finally who is favouring strong countries -like Germany, France but also Austria- is like a jacket for weaker nations Nationen (f.e. they cannot devaluate like in the past their national currencies ). When now in one country after the other problems rise with the unitycurrency this is no "pure accident" ( or only speculation) but has deep structural reasons.

And therefore all the measures from the official politics will not really function- f.e. the "Euro-saving-umbrella " -even when it is expanded. The -very contradictionary -politics of the central EU-Institutions is helpless : through "energic steps" the "trust into the markets " should be "won again". Sometimes the idea of a min- Marshall-plan- is raised but the sums are such low that there will be no take off in the crisesstates .


When the interpretations and politics of the "pillars of the society" are ridicolous or cynical- the concepts of (left)keynesianism are in no way sufficiant. Not to speak that they dont analyze the deepgoing crisesfactors (overproduction, missing of mass buying power which can only temporarily be counteracted through stateinterventionism,....) their demands in the dramatic situation are only tiny plaster: financetransactiontax, Eurobonds or "european"(!) ratings argentures - all that will not stop the waves of crises. It is in this sense logical when the Austrian economist Stephan Schulmeister speaks only from "changing the rules of the system " ( Mittagsjournal 5.8.) but not the system itself.

But a surpassing of systemchange will not be possible : when a real take off of Greece should happen a total cancelling of its debts is necessary. When "periphery countries " like Greece, Portugal or Spain should be guided out of their -historical caused - relative underdevelopment giant investments are to be down- and no bourgeois government will do it.

Not no be misunderstood: we can NOT -in a quasi ultimatist way- demand socialism. Beginning with actual problems concrete demands/ programmes have to be developed. But these demands will - when they are serious and not only placebos - very soon be confronted with the iron present economic and polititical structures. This means -in perspective- to BREAK with the capitalist system . When the movements and the left do not understand this necessity the far right right will succeed with its national and social demagogy.

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