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7- Distribution of tasks for expanding the network [en]
19 March 2002


Distribution of tasks for expanding the network

A large number of European networks now have representatives in Brussels. It’s the case for the workers unions (EUC) and the farmers unions (EPC), numerous NGOs and associations (EAPN, Civil society forum, Solidar, etc). A special effort must be made towards them, and the Lega Ambiente (Italy), whose Brussels representative was present in Vienna, has taken on the responsibility of establishing contacts and preparing possible meetings. He also has the responsibility for making contact with the big NGOs and Friends of the Earth network (Greenpeace being contacted by ATTAC France) as well as with the ’WTO’ network (ATTAC France will do likewise).

Associations supporting immigrants will be followed up by ARCI (Italy) for the réseau United network, by ATTAC France for the SOS Racisme network and by the Austrian delegation for those associations concerned with particular nationalities (Turks, Kurds, etc.).

The peace organisations will be contacted by ARCI (Italy) and Globalise Resistance (UK).

Youth organisations, including l’Action Globale des Peuples, will be contacted by MRG (Barcelona) and the German delegation.

The solidarity networks for nationless peoples and gypsies will be contacted by ARCI (Italy).

Cooperatives will be contacted by ATTAC France and Solidarity (Russia).

EUC union organisations will be contacted by the Italian working group enlarging the net and, in parallel, a meeting of union activists will be held on the initiative of the Groupe des 10 Solidaires (France) and of S.in.Cobas (Italy) in Paris in June.

Feminist networks and those defending women’s rights will be contacted by the European network of the Worldwide women’s progress organisation.

Human rights networks will be contacted by Globalise Resistance/UK (Amnesty) and ATTAC France (FIDH). The human rights NGOs based in Geneva will be contacted by Macedonian campaigners.

Networks of solidarity with Asia will be contacted at the time of the ASEM conference in Copenhagen which will take place 19th-22nd September. ATTAC Institutions Européennes will take care of this.

ATTAC IE will also contact the European branch of the worldwide assembly of members of parliament (created in Porto Alegre).

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