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Report and decisions from Vienna EPA on the development of program [en]
28 January 2006


Report and decisions from Vienna EPA on the development of program for Athens ESF 4-7 May 2006

a. Until 4th of January 271 activities have been submitted to the workspace for proposals http://workspace.fse-esf.org by 100 organizations.154 proposals were attached to the 16 thematic areas decided at Istanbul EPA and 117 did not submitted to a specific area for reasons of omission or being not wishing a particular area.

b. We continue to submit proposals for activities to the website. The deadline is 20 of February. After 20/2 we start the process of voluntary merging.

The Greek Program Group will present the map of proposals at the next EPA which will take place on 2-5 March in Frankfurt Germany.

The European program group will meet on 2nd of April 12.00. We will decide for facilitators for the merging process at next EPA. They will help to bring in conduct participants who submitted activities on the same thematic area and inform on possible transversalities. They will not decide the mergers but make sure that participants get the picture of the possibilities of cooperation between networks and organization who submitted proposals of activities.

*The finalization of the program will take place in the Athens Meeting for the Program on 1-3 of April.

*The Athens ESF can host around 400 meetings in rooms.

*A new website will help the process of merging. It is crucial to give the possibility to more than one participant to put together a proposal.

*A new thematic area is added on Urban policies and the cities.

The meetings of networks in Austria started and propose set of activities.

We will continue this process and at the meeting of Program group on 4-5 March we will take into account their proposals. So merging process will practically start from EPA meeting on 4-5 March in Germany.

c. The proposal on events of Great visibility proposed by Greek Program Group was based on the desire of Greek organisers to help mobilization for ESF and giving visibility to common targets of struggle of the social movements and the participants of Athens ESF.

Six events were proposed:

1. War, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine occupation, antiwar and anti-occupation movement 2. Social and workers; resistances to neo-liberalism: the movements against social exclusion,, precarious employment, privatizations and the commercialization of public goods.

3. Immigrants and refugees against racist policies in Europe. Fighting for legalisation, political asylum, equal rights.

4. Globalization, environment climate change and alternatives

5. Europe after the NO to the European Constitutional Treaty

6. Seven years after Seattle, the development and the prospects of the movement.

Remarks and concerns have been expressed on the number (1 or 2 per day) and on the character of the 6 proposals. We expect a detailed proposal from Greek Organising Group for the next EPA( exact character, names of speakers and so on). Networks can also propose events of great visibility. d. Assemblies will be organised in an effort to bring together participants on each thematic area or for transversal approach of issues and also to coordinate campaigns and help networking.

e. Proposals about specific thematic spaces should be submitted in the ESF mail list. They will be discussed in the next EPA.

f. It is possible to organize cultural activities and all these proposals Should be also submitted to the workspace. Artistic creativity has the possibility to be integral part of the program enriching the Athens ESF.

g. The Assembly of Social Movements will be discussed at the next EPA

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