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Report from the Logistics European working group [en]
8 November 2005


Istanbul Report from the Logistics European working group. Saturday, 24th of September 2005

1. Date.

There is a final date, 6-7-8-9 of April 2006. Of course there is still the problem of the dates of the Italian Elections (possible the same days) but first of all we can’t wait for a government to decide when to have the ESF and anyway the next weekend (13-14-15-16 of April) is the catholic Easter and one week before the eastern orthodox Easter that is big problem for mobilizing in Greece and some European countries.

2. Space.

Unfortunely we haven’t decided yet on the venue. We can choose between two. The old Airport of Athens and the Polytechnic Campus. The Airport has all the facilities and the infrastructure ready and it is able to provide 10.000 sm for accommodation. People disagreeing on this venue point out that it is not in the center of Athens. The Polytechnic Campus hasn’t been researched in details yet. Babel’s network prefers the Airport because working conditions will much better in closed rooms than tents which will be needed in the Campus.

3. Social Territory

The S.T project is coming on well even if a lot of it is new for Greek politics.

3.1 ALIS is continuing progress. It seems that it will work fine reducing cost over 200.000 euro and providing the Movement with permanent tools for supporting interpretation. They are working with a figure of 150 fully equipped booths.

3.2 On food we are working on mobilizing small farmers, shelling only bio-products, having migrant cuisines, possibly collectives from Europe that will cook in big numbers. No Coca-Cola of course. Oyr basic interest is to provide cheap, good and healthy food to anyone.

3.3 We will attempt to equip the (official) and independent Media center and also public access PC with free software. We are working together with the Wi-Fi Athens community to provide Wi-Fi access in all he area. So every one can bring his laptop to Athens.

3.4 We will try to mobilize socially excluded (unemployed and migrants) through the volunteer schools for migrant, the TUC and the migrant communities. These people can work in reception-registration basically.

3.5 Babel’s network is expanding in Greece and Eastern Europe-Balkans. The working group accepted the proposal coming from them to have one (1) booth in each room with an Eastern –Balkan language.

4. Environment

As usual the ESF is a hazard to environment. Energy wasting, pollution and tones of garbage. We will provide waste management through environmental organization that can do the job.

Legambiente propose to donate a sum of money to an environmental project to balance our disaster. In general there will be an attempt to reduce wasting energy (even if the entire Airport is air-conditioned). Some people are working on the idea of using solar panels for energy. And we will introduce the concept of the one plastic cup you buy and use all four days for drinking.

5. Website.

There will be two websites. One for the process, under the control of the EPA and for the event with basically responsible the Greek Committee. The process website is being build by the Indian WSF comittie and will be ready in same days. This website will be copied for the 3 Polycentric WSF and the ESF. It is the main tool for networking.The event Website will open at the end of the year for registration and logistic information. We think that the German proposal for using the website for uploading picture and sound (and then allowing downloading) from the 4 days of the event so in a few hours people can watch from their countries debates of the ESF is very interesting and feasible.

6. Cultural event.

Sorry to say but even if we have established in Greece a cultural group there hasn’t been any progress. We will organize for sure big concerts towards the ESF but this is something different.

7. Autonomous space.

In case of choosing the Airport we can facilitate the whole of the Autonomous Spaces there. This meaning that they can use our infrastructure is in the “official” program, use the media center and what else is possible to provide. Politically speaking only few Greek groups feel with “one foot in, one foot out” and it would be a success for the Movement to be close with them and contaminate them (and be contaminated) 8. Accommodation. Our first duty is to find house accommodation for Babels and other volunteers. Incase of the Airport we facilitate some thousands of people with tents in a huge closed area in the venue itself. The surrounding Municipalities are friendly and could distribute a call for solidarity housing, give us schools and public buildings.

9. Solidarity fund

There will be a solidarity fund of course. Anyway one of the basic reasons of having the ESF in Athens is to mobilize the Eastern European activists. One of main concerns will be helping this mobilization. Another interesting question on solidarity fund is if it should cover the socially excluded of the Western Europe or should this be left to each national mobilizing group.There has been aclaim of giving the 50 % of the Solidarity fund to the women of Eastern Europe and Balkan counties but this political question for the next EPA.

European Logistics working group

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