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Decisions on the programme [en] | de | el | es | fr | it
8 November 2005


Following the main debate and numerous discussions on the political and social situation, the Istanbul EPA came to an agreement on several points in order to put together the programme:

Agreement on general objectives:

1. Create an alternative to the European neo-liberal programme and anti-social policies.

2. Raise the profile and awareness of these alternatives as well as concrete responses to them.

3. Encourage the convergence of European action campaigns and initiatives.

4. Establish the programme based on demands expressed by participants in the process.

5. Promote discussion forums, synergies and cooperation between the different groups.

6. Ensure enlargement and maintain the balance between diversity and visibility.

In order to respond to expressed concerns and to continue in line with the decisions taken in Prague, work on the programme will now be organized around 16


- War and peace (the occupation in Iraq, the Middle East, Palestine), militarization in Europe, military bases. Kosovo, Africa. The anti-war movement.

- Europe’s role in liberal globalization: WTO, G8, international institutions, etc.

- Immigrants in Europe: right of asylum, equal rights.

- Discrimination, racism, the far right.

- Recognized social rights such as public spaces, public services and social protection.

- Lack of security, poverty, exclusion.

- The workplace: productivity, growth, unemployment/full employment.

- Environment, sustainable development, energy, water, climate.

- What democracy and which fundamental rights does Europe need? Civicism, federalism, role of states, stateless populations, European institutions.

- Economic policies in Europe (ECB, stability pact).

- Right to education and culture, role of the media.

- The feminist alternative.

- Agriculture, food sovereignty, European small scale farmers.

- Where is the EU headed?

- Movement strategy: from Seattle till now.

- Repressive law and order policies in Europe.

NB: these themes represent a working tool for constructing the programme from the bottom up; they are not the main lines, and they will not necessarily be in the same format. Proposals for activities not included in these themes can be formulated on the site.

Istanbul working method for the next EPA:

1. Seminars/activities process

All participants are invited to propose activities/seminars (discussions, debate, theme-based meetings, testimonies, workshops, etc.) covered by the themes. All the proposals must be formulated as soon as possible (on a specific part of the website) and on the fse-esf list until late February. However, the main bulk of the proposals must be put forward before the next EPA (7 and 8 January 2006). An initial evaluation and work phase will take place at the EPA meeting.

  • 1st work phase: The Greek committee will gather together all proposals.

On Thursday 5 January (EPA), a European work group organized around the Greek committee will organize the presentation of these proposals.

This presentation should enable the next phase to be organized, based on several observations:
- gaps for certain themes;
- convergence of proposals and possible synergies;
- checking that the proposals’ three functions (dialogue, alternatives, joint actions) are in place;
- diversity of activities (seminars, forum for testimonies, theme-based meetings, workshops, etc.).

On Friday (6/12), depending on the proposals, existing groups and concrete possibilities, we will organize meetings by theme. This meeting, between the participants from all the different areas of activities, will enable us to move on to the next phase in terms of cooperation and concrete work on defining content and organizing tasks (coordinating, heading, following up, etc.).

  • The 2nd phase from January to March will allow us to consolidate this work.

2. Profile objective: a limited number of events organized by the EPA (high profile initiatives) will take place during the Forum.

The Greek committee will put forward proposals on the content and mechanisms of these events. An initial discussion could take place at the January EPA. The final decisions will be taken by the EPA.

3. Self-managed spaces, autonomous spaces, cultural events

- Cultural events were not discussed in Istanbul.

- Self-managed spaces: these spaces are open to everyone interested in the proposed themes:
- women’s day ( Women’s Assembly);
- a forum for testimonies of struggles (to be discussed at the next EPA).

- Autonomous spaces: Autonomous spaces organized by networks and organizations that are not necessarily involved in the global process are currently being developed. If there is a demand for help in terms of logistics and information (presence in the programme), particularly in order to create links with the ESF, the AEP will examine the requests, and will be guided by the spirit that prevailed at previous ESFs in providing answers.

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